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The handy, low-cost solution for liquid transfer around the brewery

If you need a reliable, low-cost solution for the transfer of liquids around your brewery, look no further. Our handy mobile flowmetering rig is just the job! With our simple rig, there's no need to invest in a variety of permanently installed flowmeters around your brewery, our flow rig can be quickly and easily hooked up, operated and removed for use in a different location. It's a great money-saving solution for craft breweries and distilleries.


  • Low-cost mobile flowmetering for use around the brewery.

  • Easy-to-handle trolley makes it quick and versatile to relocate.

  • Based around our well-established Promag electromagnetic flowmeter that is ideal for beer and alcohol production.

  • A true multi-purpose rig: use with beer, water, wort or CIP.

  • Can be easily upgraded to also include CIP concentration measurement for effective quality monitoring.

Why go mobile?

Our mobile flowmetering rig - easy-to-use and versatile. ©Endress+Hauser

With our handy mobile flow rig, you can now get a real insight into your brewing process. Designed as a practical alternative to manual vessel-to-vessel liquids transfer, our mobile flow rig doesn't cost the earth yet delivers in performance. Plus, the integrated panel with pulse counter will give a reading in litres of the total amount of liquid transferred.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Our mobile flow rig is easy to use. Simply connect the hose from the vessel to the trolley using hygienic clamps and away you go! Once you've finished, clean it through and it's ready to be used again.

Need a little more?

Smartec CLD18 conductivity sensor ©Endress+Hauser

Our mobile flow rig is easily upgradeable to include CIP concentration measurement. The optional conductivity sensor facilitates concentration measurement of CIP to help achieve consistent and precise mixtures. Combine this with an optional data logger and both the quantity and conductivity of the process can be recorded to provide traceability of your CIP process.

Verification in a Heartbeat

Heartbeat Verification for reliable, documented verification results ©Endress+Hauser

By choosing a flowmeter with Heartbeat Technology, you'll benefit from a continuous healthcheck to ensure key parameters are performing within specification at all times, leading to extended calibration intervals. The internal verification is performed with no process interruption to avoid unnecessary downtime. It also offers documented proof that diagnostic checks have been performed and are traceable to TÜV standards.

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