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Field of Application Pressure

Pressure measurement

Powerful instruments for process pressure, differential pressure, level and flow

Whether pressure, level or flow, today pressure measurement technology is often used for measuring liquids, pastes and gases. With a wide range of sensor technology Endress+Hauser offer instruments with perfect fit for any kind of application.


  • For every measuring task the right solution

  • As one of the leading suppliers in pressure measurement, Endress+Hauser guarantees asset protection

  • Worldwide support and service

  • Know-how for the entire life cycle of your product

Frequently asked questions

  • What oil types are used in pressure transmitters?

    There are many different types of fill fluid used within the metallic measuring cells of pressure transmitters (and their diaphragm seals if...

  • How do differential pressure transmitters work?

    Differential pressure transmitters commonly operate around a central measuring cell. Independent pressures are applied to either side of the...

  • Why is my pressure transmitter drifting?

    Pressure transmitter drift can be the result of a damaged instrument, an incorrect installation or even a process anomaly. Commonly, instrument...

  • When do I need a diaphragm seal for my pressure transmitter?

    Diaphragm seals have a multitude of applications in process measurements. They can be used to protect the instrument head from high temperatures or...

  • How do I calibrate my pressure transmitter?

    Pressure transmitters can be calibrated dry (without the presence of a reference pressure) or wet (with the presence of a reference pressure).



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