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Temperature measurement

Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry

Endress+Hauser offers a complete assortment of compact thermometers, modular thermometers, thermowells, measurement inserts, transmitters and accessories for all types of process industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Primaries & Metal, Power & Energy.


  • Highest plant availability & safety through most reliable sensor technology & traceable, accredited calibrations

  • Cost savings & process optimization through fast, robust & highly accurate iTHERM sensors

  • Lowest operating expenditures through seamless integration, easy handling and long lifetime

  • Trouble-free plant certification through international approvals

  • User-friendliness and expert's support through all stages of the life cycle

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I download Readwin2000-Software

    Readwin software can be easily downloaded from the Endress+Hauser website. Simply search for ‘Readwin 2000’ in the searchbar of the website,...

  • Should I use an RTD or thermocouple for temperature measurement?

    Both RTD’s and thermocouples can be used for temperature measurement and each have their own characteristics which will suit different applications...

  • What is the difference between a thin film and wire wound sensor?

    Thin film and wire wound sensors are both RTD measuring elements and measure temperature in the same way. Wire wound sensors are constructed by...

  • Do I need a thermowell or not?

    Thermowells aren’t always necessary in temperature measurement but offer more flexibility on the application of a temperature device. Through the...

  • What’s the difference between 3 and 4 wire RTD's?

    In a 3 wire RTD set up, compensation of this additional resistance is created by measuring the resistance of one wire outside of the RTD element,...


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    Temperature measurement for the process industry

    Temperature Measurement - Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry