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Bundle of CM82 transmitter and RIA46 field meter

1-/2-channel transmitter bundle with 4-wire field meter

RIA46 field meter and up to two Liquiline Compact CM82 transmitters with optional Bluetooth connection for field installation in all industries

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Benefits at a glance

  • You have an installed base with 4-wire devices and still want to benefit from the advantages of the Liquiline Compact CM82 2-wire transmitter (compact design, Memosens technology, Bluetooth, use in hazardous areas)? Then this bundle is just right for you, as the RIA46 field meter powers up to two CM82 devices simultaneously. This allows you to set up two CM82 measuring points with any combination of pH, ORP, oxygen and conductivity sensors with Memosens technology in your 4-wire environment.

  • Use the CM82 2-wire transmitter in a 4-wire environment

    Thanks to its integrated loop power supply, the RIA46 4-wire field meter is able to power one or even two 2-wire transmitters of the Liquiline CM82 series. This allows you to perfectly use the compact and robust field transmitter with your 4-wire infrastructure.

  • True multiparameter transmitter with Memosens technology

    Liquiline Compact CM82 is a multiparameter transmitter that can accommodate pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen sensors. Thanks to Memosens technology and the automatic sensor recognition, within seconds you can replace worn sensors or switch to a sensor of a different measurement parameter.

  • Optional Bluetooth connection

    You can connect your CM82 transmitters to your existing smartphones and tablets via a particularly secure Bluetooth connection. This allows you to commission and operate your CM82 measuring points conveniently as well as retrieve measured values and sensor information from a distance. Alternatively, the RIA46 display indicates the measured values of the connected sensors on-site.

  • Visual indication of status diagnostics

    The CM82 transmitter is equipped with a red/green LED that permanently displays the diagnostic results of the transmitter and the connected sensor, thus enabling a quick and easy status check on-site.

  • Suitable for hazardous areas

    With its international explosion protection approvals, such as IECEx, ATEX, and CSA, the Liquiline Compact CM82 is suitable for hazardous area use. Therefore, it is possible to mount the CM82 in a hazardous area even if the RIA46 is installed in a non-hazardous area.

Bundle in Detail

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