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Compact, safe and easy point level detection

Liquiphant FTL31 and FTL33 vibrating level switches

Our new Liquiphant range uses the vibronic principle for the safest and most reliable point level detection. Both the Liquiphant FTL31, for use in utilities and industrial applications, and the FTL33, for use in the food & beverage industry, are economically priced, easy to select and install and available on short lead times through our E-direct website.

Proven in use in millions of applications

Established in 1983, Liquiphant is proven in use in millions of applications for minimum or maximum level detection in pipes and vessels. It offers safety and durability even in difficult applications with changing media properties, build-up, external vibrations or fluctuating temperatures, for example during CIP or SIP cleaning. Liquiphant is a true ‘plug & play’ device, with no need for calibration or adjustment.

Liquiphant FTL31

Liquiphant FTL31 is a liquid level switch for use in tanks, vessels and pipes. It is designed for overfill prevention or pump protection in applications such as cleaning and filter systems and in cooling and lubrication vessels. Along with the FTL33, it is ideal for applications where float switches or conductive, capacitance and optical sensors can't be used due to conductivity, build-up, turbulence, flow conditions or air bubbles. The robust stainless steel design guarantees durability.

Liquiphant FTL33

Liquiphant FTL33 is perfect for applications with hygienic requirements in the food & beverage industry as it has EHEDG and 3-A certification and complies with FDA guidelines. Suitable for breweries, dairies or where other foods are processed and packed, the FTL33 can be used for process temperatures up to 150°C, making easy and fast cleaning possible through CIP or SIP. IP69K protection also ensures suitability for environments with demanding cleaning regimes.

Simple installation

As the smallest vibronic sensor available on the market, installation of the FTL31 and FTL33 is easy even in the tightest of spaces. The modular design offers the widest variety of process connections to suit every application.

Find out more about Liquiphant FTL31 at our E-direct shop >

Find out more about Liquiphant FTL33 at our E-direct shop >

Liquiphant FTL31 liquid level switch ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiphant FTL31 liquid level switch ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiphant FTL33 for food & beverage applications ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiphant FTL33 for food & beverage applications ©Endress+Hauser