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Automatic water sampler
ASP Station 2000 RPS20B

RPS20B is an automatic vacuum sampler for wastewater treatment plants, sewage networks, etc. ©Endress+Hauser

ASP Station 2000 RPS20B is an automatic vacuum sampler for monitoring wastewater treatment plants, sewage networks and surface water.

RPS20B is a stationary vacuum sampler with insulated stainless steel housing. ©Endress+Hauser

Its insulated stainless steel housing makes the sampler a robust and reliable solution for sampling in water and wastewater.

Fully automatic sampling in water and wastewater applications

ASP Station 2000 RPS20B offers fast, representative sampling compliant to international legislation. Thanks to its robust stainless steel housing and the built-in cooling system, your samples are safe and well preserved. Easy, menu-guided sample programming with quick setup and tool-free maintenance save you time in your everyday tasks.

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  • Benefits

    • Stainless steel cabinet with foamed insulation for safe sample preservation

    • Menu-led operation with quick setup for quick commissioning

    • Media-carrying parts easy to mount without tools, for easy cleaning and maintenance

    • Separate bottle trays with grips for...

  • Field of application

    Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants:

    • Process monitoring and recording

    • Efficiency monitoring; cleaning performance determined

    • Monitoring of indirect dischargers

    • Monitoring of wastewater networks

    Laboratories and Water Conservancy Boards:

    • ...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle


  • Functions

    Stationary samplesr

  • Dosing system

    Vacuum system

  • Suction height

    6 m (19,69 ft) suction height
    8 m (26,25 ft)

  • Cabinet

    tainless steel

  • Distribution


  • Cooling

    active: dynamic cooling unit

  • Heating

    Heat exchange in foam

  • Input

    Analogue: 1
    Digital: 3

  • Output

    Relay: 3

  • Data logger

    sampler statistics

  • Power supply

    230 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Dimension

    1.300 x890 x 740 mm (hxbxt)
    51,18 x 34,7 x 28,9 inch

  • Weight

    110 kg
    242,51 lb

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