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Disinfection transmitter
Liquisys CCM253


Compact field device for the water, wastewater, food and power industries

Liquisys CCM253 is a standard chlorine transmitter with integrated pH compensation for free chlorine. It improves your operational safety thanks to continuous plausibility, process and sensor checks. Select from numerous hardware and software modules, such as relays or fieldbus communication, to adapt it exactly to your measuring task. This modularity also allows you to upgrade the transmitter at any time. A simple menu and calibration make configuration and operation fast and easy.

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  • Benefits

    • More operational safety: Continuous process check system, customized alarm configuration, calibration plausibility check.

    • Reliable chlorine and pH control: Current input for flow rate monitoring with controller shut off or for feedforward control.

    • Easy to...

  • Field of application

    The Liquisys CCM253 transmitter works with all analog total chlorine, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and pH sensors in:

    • Water & Wastewater
      - Disinfection process control and monitoring
      - Desalination with membrane technology
      - Swimming and whirl pools...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Free chlorine

  • Application

    Drinking water, water, waste water, process, pool

  • Characteristic

    4-wire transmitter for chlorine/chlordioxide in a field housing. Simple calibration with the "CAL"-button.

  • Design

    Overload protection, alarm relais, different controller functions (P(ID)), temperature display, 2-line display, current output galvanically separated.

  • Dimension

    247mm x 170mm x 115mm

  • Input

    Chorine / Chlordioxide and pH/ORP Sensor.

  • Output

    - Chlorine/Chlordioxid, pH, Temperature : 0/4-20mA- Profibus- Hart + 0/4-20mA

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Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
    • Order code 51500320

      Kit CXM2X3 Relaismod. 2rel

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basis version by 2 floating changeover contacts.

  • 30
    • Nr 30 Order code 51511446

      KIT CXM2X3 relay mod. 2rel / CSA

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basis version by 2 floating changeover contacts.

  • 35
    • Nr 35 Order code 51500321

      Kit CXM2X3 Relaismodule 4rel

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version by 4 floating changeover contacts.

    • Nr 35 Order code 51511447

      KIT CXM2X3 relay mod. 4rel / CSA

  • 40
    • Nr 40 Order code 51504304

      Kit CXM2X3 Relais Mod. 2rel.+I/CSA

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version by 2 contacts and current input 4-20mA.

  • 45
    • Nr 45 Order code 51504305

      Kit CXM2X3 Relais Mod. 4Rel+I/CSA

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version by 4 contacts and current input 4-20mA.

  • 50
  • 70
  • 60
  • 80
  • 90
  • 100
  • 35
    • Nr 35 Order code 71134732

      Kit CxM2x3: Relay mod. for PBDP; H/W2.1x

      Content: 1x Relay module Profibus DP 2x Relay, 1x Current input DP connection qualified from H/W 2.10

  • 10
  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 51500318

      KIT CxM2x3 power supply 24 AC/DC

      KIT CxM2x3 power supply DC

  • 110
  • 120
  • 220
  • 335
  • 330,340,45
  • 230
  • 260
  • 270
  • 250
    • Order code 50086842

      Post mounting kit for LIQUISYS

      for mounting the field-transmitters on horizontal or vertical pipes (max. diam. 60 mm). Material: stainless steel V2A

    • Order code 51500385

      Upgrade "Plus-Package" for LIQUISYS-M

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version (parameter pH,Cond.,Tu,CL,O2 (WX to WS)) to S-version (plus-package). Serial number of instrument needed.

    • Order code 51500963

      Upgrade cleaning for LIQUISYS-M

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version by cleaning functionality (Chemoclean) (serial number of instrument needed). If not yet installed, a 4-relay board must be ordered separately (51500321).

    • Order code 51502460

      Upgrade "pH-Package for CCM 2X3-EK"

      Upgrade kit for retrofitting a basic version Liquisys S CCM2X3-EK to pH or ORP measurement with added features. The serial number of the instrument has to be included to the order.

    • Order code 51503526

      Upgrade "pH-Package for CCM 2X3-ES"

      Upgrade kit for retrofitting Liquisys S CCM2X3-ES to pH or ORP measurement with added features.

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