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Flow assembly
Flowfit CCA250

Flow assembly
Flowfit CCA250 ©Endress+Hauser

Assembly for chlorine measurement in drinking, industrial, and pool water

The Flowfit CCA250 flow assembly is specially designed to accommodate all sensors needed for accurate disinfection control - the chlorine sensor and the pH/ORP sensors for compensation and measurement. It increases the availability of sensors and offers an integrated flow alarm and adjustment to make sure that your bypass measurement is always operational. With CCA250, you have complete control of your disinfection processes and the water is always free of germs.

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  • Benefits

    • All sensors needed for disinfection measurement comfortably in one place

    • Suitable for all disinfection processes - free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, total chlorine and others

    • Cap screwed from below allows calibration of the pH and ORP sensors without...

  • Field of application

    CCA250 is a flow assembly for the measurement of free chlorine, total chlorine and chlorine dioxide in:

    • Drinking water
      - Trace and standard measurement in process water and distribution networks
      - Monitoring, control and optimization of disinfection...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Free chlorine

  • Application

    Drinking water, water, waste water, pool, process

  • Characteristic

    - Flow through holder with 3 different emplacements : 1x chlorine/chlordioxide/total chlorine sensor and 2x pH/ORP sensor.

  • Design

    - Flow through holder made of plexiglas with flow control and proximity switch as alarm relais to the transmitter.
    - Three different emplacements
    - Calibration directly in the holder because of the screw off calibration cap.
    - Optional cleaning device for the chlorine/chlordioxide/total chlorine sensor.

  • Material

    Plexiglas (PMMA)

  • Dimension

    85mm x 85mm x 240mm

  • Process temperature

    max. 45°C

  • Process pressure

    max. 4bar

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Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
  • 180
  • 100
  • 110
    • Nr 110 Order code 71279210

      Kit CCA250: Needle valve with o-ring

      and locking screw M4x16

  • 120
    • Nr 120 Order code 71279211

      Kit CCA250: Blind plug CCS complete

      Pressing screw, o-ring, blind plug

  • 130
  • 140
  • 150
    • Nr 150 Order code 71279214

      Kit CCA250: blind plug set

      2x PG13,5 with thrust collar and o-ring Blind plug for float element with o-ring Blind plug CCS complete

  • A
  • 160
  • 170
    • Nr 170 Order code 50015691

      inductive proximity switch

      Alte Material-Nummer: 117298

    • Order code 50003228

      Adapter NV 1/2 for CCA250

      2 pcs. DA16 for pipe connection

    • Order code 50003230

      Adapter SV 1/2 for CCA250; equal

      Hose connection: 2 pcs. D6/12

    • Order code 50003232

      Adapter SV 1/2 for CCA250, diff.

      Hose connection: 1pc D6/12 and 1pc D16