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Wastewater treatment in the food industry

Reliable prevention, monitoring and treatment of wastewater

The food and beverage industry primarily uses water as a raw material for cleaning and in production, which is then disposed of as wastewater after it is used. Depending on the composition and contamination level, the wastewater is treated and reused as process water, or it is cleaned before being discharged into the environment or the sewage system. This is the only way to ensure compliance with strict environment regulations.

Our offering

Wastewater accumulates wherever food is produced. Dealing with the high requirements and challenges thus cannot be avoided. We help you to meet strict environmental regulations and optimize your wastewater processes and costs with our intelligent measurement technology. We support you

  • Reduce the volume

  • Monitor the amount

  • Reduce contamination levels

  • Treatment through neutralization

  • Comply with government environmental regulations


Wastewater prevention

The volume of wastewater can be reduced during the process by using measurement technology when discharging products from the lines. With less rinse water, fewer phases between two products, or between product and cleaning detergents, you can protect the environment and enjoy real cost savings.

Detect changeover phase with sensor OUSAF11
Our expertise in the field

By relying on the right measurement technology from Endress+Hauser, the changeover phase can be optimally designed.

Wastewater monitoring

One of the most important first steps is monitoring water consumption, because only then can measures be carried out.

Accurate flow monitoring of wastewater using Promag
Our expertise in the field

Our electromagnetic flowmeters precisely measure the volume of fresh water that is used, as well as the amount of wastewater. The wastewater can be analyzed either on-site or in the lab.

  • Use Proline Promag 10L flowmeter with a weight-optimized sensor and high cost-effectiveness.

Wastewater treatment through neutralization

Any wastewater that collects during the cleaning process has to be neutralized before being fed into the sewage network, thus ensuring compliance with the strict thresholds outlined in environmental regulations.

Wastewater treatment through neutralization
Our expertise in the field

Neutralization, buffer and storage tanks containing acids and alkaline solutions are monitored with innovative measurement technology from Endress+Hauser.

Discharge monitoring

In accordance with government regulations, parameters such as pH, temperature and wastewater quantity are not only continuously monitored, but also recorded.

Liquistation, fully-automated samplers for industrial wastewater
Our expertise in the field

Our data managers immediately know when threshold tolerances are exceeded and generates alarms. The fully-automated sampler in the Liquistation series draws test samples on a regular basis so that additional parameters such as COD (chemical oxygen demand) can be analyzed.

Maintenance services to ensure functionality and precision

Regular maintenance on all instrumentation is highly recommended. From pH and oxygen content measurement, to analyzers, with regular replacement of the expendable materials, the option exists to complete a corresponding maintenance agreement with Endress+Hauser.

Regular maintenance minimizes downtimes and costs
Our expertise in the field

From inspection to preventative maintenance services, Endress+Hauser supports you to define the right maintenance regime based on your plant's specific requirements. You benefit from:

  • Guaranteed transparency when it comes to wastewater volume and composition

  • Minimized downtimes and costs

  • Extended life cycle for your measurement instrumentation and production systems

Modular panel solution for reliable and safe monitoring

Raw water, process water or wastewater can be efficiently monitored with modular, space-saving analysis panels. This simplifies daily process integration and operation.

Reliable and safe water monitoring using modular panel solutions
Our expertise in the field

Our panel solutions, which can be delivered with or without sample preparation, are modular, scalable and designed especially for your analysis parameters.

  • Rely on water analysis panels providing all necessary measuring signals for process control and diagnostics.

  • Simplify analytical measuring tasks using analytical monitoring panels. They are easy to customize to your requirements and offer improved plant safety, quality and efficiency.

Learn more about processes and relevant measurement points

In industrial applications, water travels a long path, from extraction of the raw or fresh water at the source, to the various production processes and then either directly or indirectly to the discharge point. Learn more about how measurement technology can be used for the optimal prevention, monitoring and treatment of accumulated wastewater.

From fresh water to industrial wastewater in the food industry ©Endress+Hauser

From fresh water to industrial wastewater, improvement potential is hidden in nearly every process

Neutralization process in the food industry ©Endress+Hauser

Discover the neutralization process and its relevant parameters


Endress+Hauser boasts more than 60 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, particularly in the area of industrial wastewater. Customers around the world put their trust in our extensive know-how in the field of measurement technology, automation and service. We understand the special challenges related to quality, costs and government regulations. Our experienced teams of industry and application experts can help you find the right measurement technology.

  • ~15 %

    less water consumption by optimizing the separation phase with measurement technology

  • 40 %

    longer life cycle of our digital analysis sensors

  • > 2 million

    electromagnetic flowmeters from Endress+Hauser in operation around the world

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