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Technical support when you need it most

We're always at your service!

For breakdown situations call us on 0161 286 5150 Monday-Friday and we can offer to send our qualified service engineers to diagnose, advise and, if possible, repair your instrument on-site.


  • Experienced service engineers who can offer real time advice on instrumentation, installation and application

  • Specialised software and hardware to ensure the optimum performance of instrumentation

  • Traceable documentation to satisfy your audit requirements

Service support helpline

  • If you need any advice and guidance on any instrument error(s) or failure, call our service department on 0161 286 5150. Your call will be logged on our system and a ticket will be raised for a callback by one of our qualified service engineers.

  • Should you need support outside of office hours then our out of hours helpline on 09062075108 will be able to assist you. Calls are charged £1 per minute for this helpline and it is available between 5pm and 8:30am.

Technical support when you need it most UK use only