Certified PROFINET Installer course

Build your installation skills!

The Certified PROFINET Installer course is accredited by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International and is designed to give an overview of PROFINET operation, characteristics and application areas and also covers the theory, practice and common pitfalls of PROFINET installation.


  • PROFINET real-time and non-real-time communication.

  • System configuration including GSDML files and PROFINET device names.

  • Common wiring and layout pitfalls, modern cable and connector systems plus wiring and installation testing.

  • Considerations for network maintenance and commissioning.

  • PROFINET conformance classes.

  • Configuration tools.

  • Interference pickup (EMC), cable routing and earthing considerations, earth potential problems and their avoidance.


  • You will learn how to design and build a network that not only works properly but also is easy to health check, fault-find and maintain.

Who should attend?

  • This course is not just for installers as it provides the basic but essential information for anyone who is involved with PROFINET at a technical level i.e. designers, commissioning engineers, maintenance technicians and, of course, installers.