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Certified PROFIBUS Installer course

Get yourself PROFIBUS certified!

An internationally accredited introductory course for PROFIBUS installers and all those involved at a technical level. The one-day course teaches the layout, installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks and provides a hands-on approach to fieldbus network layout and installation. Examples and case study materials are used throughout to highlight the many common but, potentially very costly, pitfalls and mistakes that are made when installing PROFIBUS systems.


  • Registration and overview of the course

  • Overview of PROFIBUS technology

  • PROFIBUS DP wiring guidelines

  • Build and test a cable: BT200 exercises

  • PROFIBUS network layout

  • Tutorial and further practical exercises


  • You will learn how to design and build a network that not only works properly but also is easy to health check, fault-find and maintain.

Who should attend?

  • Ideal introductory course for anyone involved at a technical level with PROFIBUS; i.e. designers, maintenance technicians, system integrators, engineers etc.