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Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course

Hone your PROFIBUS skills!

For those who already have a thorough basic technical knowledge of PROFIBUS or other fieldbus systems, this course teaches the details of what goes on in a PROFIBUS network. Learn about the telegrams that pass between PROFIBUS devices, how the network is configured and started up and how the network deals with conflicts and errors. Using a range of state-of-the-art tools, see first hand the effects of failed devices, wiring and layout faults, configuration errors etc.


  • Day 1:

    Overview of DP communications and the telegram structure.

    DPV0 master/slave start-up procedure.

    Diagnostic telegram overview and practical exercise.

    GSD files in detail.

    The parameterisation and configuration telegrams.

  • Standard and extended diagnostics in detail.

    System debugging exercises.

    Data exchange, Sync and Freeze modes.

    Master class2/slave interactions, practical exercises.

  • Day 2:

    Further debugging exercises.

    Practical testing session 1/DP tutorial session.

    Practical testing session 2/DP tutorial session.

    Network timing and bus parameters.

    Device certification.

    DPV1 extensions and telegrams

    PA practical exercises

  • Day 3:

    Further questions/tutorial.

    Theory test (3 hours).

    Questionnaires and feedback session.


  • Learn the detailed theory and practice of PROFIBUS DP and PA operation

Who should attend?

  • Accredited by PROFIBUS International as the flagship of PROFIBUS training, this course is aimed at people who already have a basic technical knowledge of PROFIBUS.