PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance course

Improve your PROFIBUS skills!

A one-day course designed as an add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course covering the practical techniques of fault-finding on 'operational' PROFIBUS networks. Techniques taught on the course include the use of ProfiTrace Ultra to diagnose network faults, device faults and I/O problems. Students also learn how to use the built-in digital storage oscilloscope to diagnose and locate a wide range of cable, connection and device faults.


  • Network configuration and GSD files

  • Practical exercises: configuring, exercising, building and testing a network

  • The bus analyser

  • Analyser practical exercises

  • Practical use of an oscilloscope to diagnose and locate DP faults

  • The PA profile and device commissioning

  • PA engineering tools MBP fault-finding


  • Learn how to use of a modern analyser and high-speed oscilloscope to fault-find and health check operating PROFIBUS networks.

Who should attend?

  • All those interested in an intermediate level of training covering fault-finding and maintenance techniques for application on operational PROFIBUS systems.