Certified PROFIBUS System Design course

Be in the know with system design!

The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course is a 2½-day add-on to the Installer course. It is widely accepted that many of the basic layout errors that are found in networked systems are made at the design stage. The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course has been developed to provide specific training for managers, designers and engineers who are involved in the planning, specification, design and procurement of PROFIBUS systems.


  • General system design

  • PROFIBUS network layout and design including modern solutions for network monitoring

  • Using a multimeter and test equipment

  • PROFIBUS profiles

  • Hazardous areas and safety related systems

  • High availability systems and redundancy

  • Control system and network timing


  • To cover the design of modern control systems that are maintainable and which minimise the impact of control system and network failures that occur during the lifetime of a plant.

  • The aim is to minimise the footprint of failures in terms of restricting the extent of the effects of failures and the time to locate & repair faults.

Who should attend?

  • Managers, designers and engineers


Must have completed and passed the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course.