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Inlet control customized to meet your needs

Our modular analysis portfolio allows the best fitting solution for your membrane process

Membranes are sensitive to several substances which can disturb the filtration process significantly through fouling, scaling or even damaging the membranes. Several parameters are used to control inlet quality, avoid short filter running times and save costs.

Control your membranes reliably

The typical requirements for quality inlet measurements are long-term and reliable, low maintenance, and easy calibration and documentation of the sensors. Carefully arranged analysis panels installed in a bypass support easy commissioning and operation, and are the preferred way of installation.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Multichannel transmitter Liquiline with up to 8 measuring points

  • Memosens sensors for pH, ORP, chlorine, SAC, conductivity and turbidity

Benefit of the measuring points

  • Standardization of all analysis parameters in the plant

  • Customized panel solution

  • Improved calibration quality and measurement reliability based on digital Memosens sensors

  • Memobase improves calibration documentation

  • Installed base audit services to optimize maintenance concept

These are:

Lab personal at the quality inlet ©Endress+Hauser
  • pH control to avoid membrane damage from acids

  • Turbidity to avoid membrane blocking

  • Chlorine measurement for residual monitoring from pre-disinfection

  • SAC (as DOC) to avoid membrane fouling

  • Conductivity measurement to avoid membrane scaling

  • D10 ORP measurement to indicate the oxidizing character of the water


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